Outline of UK Ancestry Visa

UK Ancestry Visa is a visa category that is applied to those who are Commonwealth citizens and those whose ancestors are born in the UK or one of the listed places.


The applicants must be at least 17 and confirm that they are planning to work in the UK. They also must confirm that they can include the costs of their living in the UK without any sort of help from funds. This visa will give you 5 years of right to work. By the of this term, one might apply for an extension or permanent settlement in the UK depending on your case. You cannot access public funds.


The applicants must be qualified for either one or more of the following:

A national of a Commonwealth country
Applying outside of the UK
Planning to work in the UK without help from the public funds
Able to prove that his/her ancestors are born in the UK or listed places


in the UK (Inc.Channel Islands and the Isle of Man)
Provided that it was before 31 March 1922, in the current territory of the Republic of Ireland
a British-registered ship or aircraft


Under the UK Ancestry Visa category, the visa applications are dependent upon your case. Hawflein Immigration Team is more than willing to advise you on the documents that you need to provide and resolve any discrepancies that might occur throughout the process. Please contact one of our expert team members for your free initial consultation.

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