Portugal provides tremendous benefits and a cultural hub filled with entertainment, traditions, and history. It is a country that maintains traditions and charm and retained its authenticity throughout the decades. It provides a slow-paced life with beautiful summers and equally magnificent beaches.

Non – EU nationals who intend to acquire a Portuguese residency must apply for a residency visa before arrival in Portugal. After arrival in the country, application commences for a residence permit. This visa enables one the ability to request a permanent residency permit in Portugal.

The residency permit is valid for a year and every second year it can be renewed for five years. After five years of permanent residency, the permit is issued provided that an applicant is qualified for that. After six years of full-time residency in Portugal, an applicant can obtain citizenship of Portugal.

Two different Portugal residence permits apply to those who are qualified as applicants; This includes the EU Blue Card that can be acquired when an applicant has employment with high qualifications in high valued sectors


Capital investment for Portugal residence
Arts and culture funding of 250, 000 euros
Research funding activities of 350, 000 euros
Transfer of funds of 1 million euros
Property Investment in Portugal for property worth 500, 000 euros


Low cost of living
High quality of life and high ranked safety and health care
Stunning and dramatic landscapes
Gorgeous towns filled with character
Generous tax benefits
Good education system
Flexible investment in Portugal criteria
Low at least stay after two years
Extendable to all family members
After five years, the citizenship possibility
No limitation on employment opportunities
Access to public services like education and health
During this period an applicant can also stay in one of the other EU countries, on the other hand, to obtain either citizenship or permanent residency applicants must display basic knowledge of the native language, Portuguese. The required ongoing stay for applicants who gained their resident permit in Portugal stays one of the shortest among all EU countries with only a week during the first year of residence and after that only two weeks.

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