Canada has a long tradition of immigration and a system to evaluate and admit new residents. Citizenship is available after four years of residence (and 183 days at least physical presence during each of the four calendar years).

Individuals looking at living in Canada will find the best option to be Citizenship by Investment. There are many reasons why individuals and families want to immigrate to Canada such as:

The world’s one of the most open-minded, safe and liberal countries
Among all the countries Canada ranks first as the safest and best financial system and banking
One of the countries with the highest quality of life countries around the globe
Most multicultural country with two official languages, French and English
The country with the highest access to Free Trade Markets
While the highest level of tertiary education enrolment is also in Canada,


While citizenship by investment used to be easier currently individuals can only obtain citizenship through investor programs that set in place through PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) of that two Canadian provinces provide investor programs:


Here you can choose either the Farm Investor Pathway or the Entrepreneur Pathway. The Farm pathways as it suggests enables individuals to begin a farm in rural Manitoba. The Entrepreneur pathway allows individuals to buy, regulate or begin a business in Manitoba.

The Entrepreneur Pathway criteria are as follows:

Three years as a business owner or five years as the business manager
In the Manitoba Capital region an investment of $250, 000 and other areas an investment of $150, 000
The personal net worth of $500, 000
Farm Investor Pathway
Three years of experience as a farm manager or owner
At least $300, 000 investments
The personal net worth of $500, 000


With the Ontario Corporate Stream, individuals can begin a business that will aid in Ontario’s growth. In addition to that, the main staff members will be able to get a work permit too. However, it should be noted that the regulations are very strict. To better illustrate:

The business must be out there for 36 months prior to the application for citizenship by investment
$5 million corporate investment by your company or purchase a company in Ontario
This investment must contribute significantly to Ontario’s economy
Five permanent and full-time jobs given to Canadian citizens for each key member appointed


The only program available for business immigration in Canada is the 2018 program, Quebec Immigrant Investor program. By means of this program, an individual with their family can become a permanent resident with an investment of CAD$800,000 for five years. These applicants can choose to permanently live anywhere in the country except Quebec.

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