Outline of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme
Montenegro government has announced a citizenship programme by investment. Those who would like to acquire Montenegro passport through investment can apply to this programme under outlined criteria. This programme will accept application until 31 December 2021 provided that the government does not extend this.


Montenegro Government’s Citizenship by Investment Model accepts application from any country. The applicants must invest EUR 250,000 directly and on top of it, there is a donation requirement to Montenegro Government which must be in the amount fo EUR 100,000. This is a permit and non-refundable. Besides these fees, there is an application fee which will be EUR 15,000 for the applicant. There is an additional EUR 10,000 for each family member up to 4 persons. For the fifth family member on, the application fee will be EUR 50,000. When the applicant is qualified for a passport, the passport fees are not included in the fees mentioned formerly. The most advantageous aspect of Montenegro Citizenship by Investment is that it gives the applicant free movement in the Schengen Area. It is an equivalent of EU citizenship. The process is rather faster than the other similar programmes. Montenegro itself is a beautiful country surrounded by a lovely landscape and great location in East Europe.


All citizenship by investment programmes requires a high volume of paperwork and a potential mistake on the documents and the application process can result in refusal of the application and thus can be very costly to the applicant. Provided that you also are planning to begin a brand new life in this beautiful East European country, we can help you get there easily and stress-freely. Contact us for more details and free initial assessment of your unique case. You can give us a call on mobile, Whatsapp or contact us via e-mail or a visit to our London office.

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